AC Repair in Mesa, AZ
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AC Repair in Mesa, AZ

The sweltering heat of Mesa, Arizona (AZ), makes it essential for car owners to turn on their car’s air conditioner (AC). Car drivers can drive comfortably when the AC in their vehicles is running well. But some tell-tale signs indicate a vehicle’s AC needs repair. Here are some vital signs to watch:

1. The AC Stops Blowing Cold Air

The most common sign that the car’s AC isn’t working at its best is when it is on, and no cold air is blowing. This could be due to a blocked or broken condenser, low refrigerant, or a bad clutch cycling switch. Low refrigerant is generally the most common problem, which can be caused by a leak or failed components. Whenever this issue occurs, vehicle owners should bring the car in to get looked examined by a professional mechanic. Neglecting AC repair could lead to other components failing and an uncomfortable ride.

2. The AC Sounds Off

Another common issue that owners can tell if their AC isn’t working right is that they may hear a rattle sounding when turning on the AC. While the source of the problem can vary, it typically occurs when the AC compressor is beginning to fail. Owners who neglect this issue risk adding on extra costs as this issue can make the car’s engine work harder and burn more fuel than needed.

3. The AC Has an Odor

Over time, odor emitting from the AC can happen to any car depending on the location. A significant cause for AC odor is the growth of mold in the air vents. This is typically more seen in areas where temperatures can get hot in the day and cooler at night, such as Mesa, AZ. It’s also not a good idea to let the odor linger as the driver could get sick breathing it.

How to Fix the AC in a Car

Drivers that encounter any type of AC issue with a car should allow a licensed mechanic to fix the problem. Car owners with this issue should have it looked at and get a professional to check out the issue. By allowing a mechanic to take care of the AC, drivers can ensure the problem is resolved correctly.

Final Thoughts

Fixing a broken AC isn’t a DIY project. Affordable Auto Repair of Mesa, AZ provides peace of mind for car AC problems thanks to an expert team of automotive technicians with AC repair expertise. Contact the professional team of expert ASE-certified technicians and schedule an appointment today.


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